Waco: A Day Trip [part 2]

Happy Throwback Thursday! I promise one day—very soon—I will post recipes that I made during this year. Anyways, back to 2017 we go—again, briefly. Not too long ago, I wrote about how my parents and I took a day-trip to the Silos in Waco, TX. Well, even more recently my best friend came to Austin for a visit. First on our list of things to do on this trip: take another day trip to Waco. And that brings us here.

Waco is less than a couple hours away from where I live in Austin. With no traffic, it’s closer to an hour than 2. Sara and I are both fans of the HGTV show, Fixer Upper, so a day trip to the home of Chip and Jo was necessary. But since the weather was a little better and the day was a little more open, we did more than just go to the Silos. We explored the city and even ate a little. So, here’s another edition of Waco: A Day Trip.

The SIlos, Part 2

Waco: A Day Trip [part 2] // Serve With Rice

Of course, the Silos were our main reason for coming to Waco. So, of course, it was our very first stop. Last time I went to the Silos there was a hurricane going through Texas, so it was pouring endlessly. While the weather wasn’t perfect this time around either, it wasn’t raining. It was fun for me to show Sara around, it being her first time, but I still found new things to enjoy as well!

Im glad we went on a Monday morning. Because even though it was still very busy, it wasn’t super packed. We went into Magnolia Market first. To our great surprise, the Silos were having their Christmas sale so a lot of the products were 60-75% off. Like I’ve said before, things here are a bit pricey so it was nice to come during a sale! I was able to grab a couple of things for Christmas gifts and a couple decor pieces.

In truth, there’s not a ton to actually do at the Silos. There’s the Market, the Garden Seed+Supply House, and the Bakery (more later). In between all the buildings is a huge lawn where you can play soccer or just run around. Families can sit at tables or in rocking chairs nearby, all while enjoying one of the many food trucks parked right outside. I have yet to try these trucks, but they all sound amazing.

Sara and I went to the Seed+Supply greenhouse and I actually bought myself a teeny-tiny succulent. You may be thinking oh, those are so easy to take care of! Well, the last time I had one, I killed it within 2 weeks. I’m by no means a gardener. But I found a super cute pot that I wanted and thought I’d give myself another chance with the succulents—or plants in general. I’m happy to say my plant is still alive nearly a month later.

The Silos Bakery, Part 2

Waco: A Day Trip [part 2] // Serve With Rice

Last time I went to the bakery, we tried three of their classic cupcakes. And they were all fantastic. This time around we had the Christmas flavors and the Prize Pig—a cheddar, ham, cheese biscuit with chives.

The Christmas cupcakes were not my favorite cupcakes I’ve ever had there. While they were cooked to perfection—light, fluffy, and moist—the icing flavors didn’t pair as well. I much prefer their usual year-round cupcakes, and wholeheartedly recommend them! These things are huge though, so grab a knife and share!

Waco: A Day Trip [part 2] // Serve With Rice

Now the biscuit is probably my favorite thing there. The biscuit is equally light and flaky. It’s not overly buttery either. The flavors within are perfect complements to the light airy texture of the biscuit. If you’re looking for a small, savory treat to break from all the cake, this is the way to go.

Harp Design Co.

Waco: A Day Trip [part 2] // Serve With Rice

If you’re also a Fixer Upper fan, then you’re familiar with Clint Harp. He’s Joanna Gaines’s go-to guy when it comes to all things woodworking. He does beautiful custom furniture pieces for her houses most of the time. And he’s getting his own show on the DIY network as well! Last time we went to Waco, we didn’t get to go anywhere but he Silos. This time, Sara and I did it all. So Clint’s shop—just a quick drive from the Silos—was next on our list.

Harp Design Co. is a much smaller shop than the Silos. It’s just a storefront that sells some of Clint’s smaller decor pieces as well as some touristy stuff for the fans. I got my dad a shirt for Christmas, and will someday go back for all the beautiful wooden pieces. He has amazing turned wood candle holders, thick wooden cutting boards, and some other things too.

Unfortunately, he no longer takes custom orders at the storefront due to a high volume of orders for Joanna and his own upcoming show. So, really only unfortunate for us—that’s amazing for him! I don’t think I spent enough time in this place. I’ll definitely be going back.

Other Shopping

We hit some other places, like The Findery. This place is just like the Silos—decoration-wise. They’re big on those one-of-a-kind decor pieces and furniture pieces with that farmhouse flare. There’s two locations, across the street from one another. I highly recommend going through both. The pieces are beautiful. I could definitely decorate an entire house with just what I find at The Findery. But my wallet may not be happy with me after!

We also went to this huge flea-market type place called Spice Village. Located on the upstairs floor of a building, this place is massive! Within are tons of little vendor booths/areas where people sell their goods. I will say this place can easily get overwhelming. If you don’t go in with a purpose of product in mind, you can easily get lost in all of the choices. Many of the vendors sell similar items and this place is so huge that coming with a purpose in mind is the only way not to get sucked into just wandering around confused—like I did.

Hecho en Mexico

Waco: A Day Trip [part 2] // Serve With Rice

And now for the food! Sara and I wanted to find somewhere to eat dinner in Waco before making the 2-hour drive back to Austin. We researched ahead of time for somewhere to go with great reviews. There were a couple of great Barbecue joints and one Asian place. But we settled on Hecho en Waco because we were craving authentic Mexican food, and this place got great reviews.

Upon arrival—just down the street from the Silos and within walking distance of Spice Village—we were already pleased. This place is still brand new (just opened this past fall) and the vibe is fantastic. The decor is oceanic with all the blues on the wall. It felt calming.

After quickly being seated we started with chips and salsa, which already set a high bar for the meal to come. For our meals, we went for fully authentic. Sara had the carnitas and I had the street tacos. I’m not exaggerating when I say that everything we ate that night was so delicious and extremely authentic! We could not have been happier to have chosen this place. I would wholeheartedly drive back to Waco just to eat here again!


Waco: A Day Trip [part 2] // Serve With Rice

After our amazingly satisfying dinner, we made the trip back to Austin. But with full bellies and even fuller hearts (and an emptier bank account), we had the best time. I’m glad Sara and I got to road trip for a day while she was here. It was only one  the amazing parts about having my best friend come visit me. I can’t believe that was almost a month ago! Time flies. Sara—thanks for coming here, thanks for the memories, and thanks for just being you. Love you down. Until my next trip! Maybe next time I’ll just eat my way around—Food Map anyone??


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