Beef with Kutsay // Serve With Rice

Beef with Kutsay (Chinese Leeks)

Every once in a while, my mom would cook something new. Unlike me and my father, my mom is the adventurous one when it comes to new food. Usually when we order at a restaurant, my dad and I tend to stick to things we know we’ll like–things we’ve already tried before. My mom is the one who ventures out…

Ginger and Onion Chicken // Serve With Rice

Filipino Ginger and Onion Chicken

I love to cook. If that isn’t apparent by now then I’m not a very good writer! I mean this is a food blog, amirite? Anyways, why are you telling us this again, Alyssa? Well, because of this dish–Filipino Ginger and Onion Chicken. Ever since I was a kid I loved being in the kitchen. I loved watching my grandma and…

My Food Obsessions [vol. 2] // Serve With Rice

My Food Obsessions [vol. 2]

It’s been a while since I told y’all about what I’ve been eating at home. Well, of course I’m always telling you what I’m making for dinner–like these pork chops or this fabulous beef dish. But what am I craving? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here’s the latest edition of my food obsessions. In case you forgot, the last time I…