My Food Obsessions [vol. 2]

It’s been a while since I told y’all about what I’ve been eating at home. Well, of course I’m always telling you what I’m making for dinner–like these pork chops or this fabulous beef dish. But what am I craving? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here’s the latest edition of my food obsessions.

In case you forgot, the last time I wrote about my food obsessions, I focused mostly on snacks. I had a lot of snacks on my mind. This time is no different. For you today, I’ve got three new things that I’ve been keeping in stock as of late. Turns out, my food obsessions are just another way to say my daily dose of sweet snacks and small bites. Let’s get to it!


1. Cookies and Cream

My Food Obsessions [vol. 2] // Serve With Rice

Yes, that is a picture of a Hershey’s bar. And yes, I happen to love that Hershey’s bar. But this particular food obsession doesn’t apply solely to Hershey. This is just generally about Cookies and Cream–the flavor. Just like I get particularly obsessed with chocolate–though that one never really goes away–sometimes I get stuck in a certain kind of flavor. This time, it’s cookies and cream. That means cookies and cream Hershey’s, cookies and cream frozen yogurt from Kemps, and cookies and cream milkshakes anytime I can have it!

My love for cookies and cream obviously started with my first bite of Oreo. I loved the crunchy-creamy texture it brings to everything. In my Kemps Frozen Yogurt it gives me just enough texture to complement the creamy yogurt. It’s not overwhelming, not a texture that takes over. It’s like a little pop of surprise with every bite. I’m not not saying that I’ve finished an ice cream solely because I was searching for the cookies in the cream…But that’s neither here nor there! I’m always looking for a little Oreo in my sweets, and that’s why cookies and cream is my current flavor of the time being.

2. Fish Nuggets

My Food Obsessions [vol. 2] // Serve With Rice

I first discovered Trader Joe’s Fish Nuggets at my friend, Sara’s house. Her mom–Mama D (love you!)–works at Trader Joe’s so their house is constantly stocked with their products. In case you didn’t know this–and I feel sorry for you if you don’t–Trader Joe’s has amazing prepared food products. They’re great quality and not nearly as processed as other prepared food items. Bonus: they’re quick to make and delicious to eat. These fish nuggets are no exception.

So back to Sara. I was house-sitting/dog-sitting for them and they told me to have at it at their fridge. There were these nuggets and I figured they were easy to heat up and have. I ended up eating the entire box throughout my stay. Before I knew it, I found myself buying boxes for myself at home. They’re so easy to pop into the oven for lunch. I eat them with tartar sauce, ketchup or honey mustard. They’re crunchy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. And because they’re fish, I don’t feel as bad about eating it. Do yourself a favor. Grab yourself a box of these babies. You’ll find them at Trader Joe’s (go figure!).

3. Chocolate Pretzels

My Food Obsessions [vol. 2] // Serve With Rice

In case you didn’t get this, I love chocolate! I also love a beautiful salty-sweet combination. Is it any wonder that one of my food obsessions is chocolate pretzels?! This is one that comes in and out in terms of obsessing over. I get really into it for a while and then I let it go. But somehow it always comes right back with a vengeance! I think it goes back to the salty-sweet perfection of it all. Actually when I went to Austin, TX recently, I brought a bag of chocolate pretzels on the plane with me for a carry-on snack. Those disappeared before my flight back thanks in part to my brother.

I could even tell you that my favorite kind of chocolate pretzel has to be either Trader Joe’s milk chocolate ones (pictured) or the Flipz Milk Chocolate kind. Both aren’t only chocolate covered, but you can actually taste the creaminess in the chocolate as you eat it. I’ve had kinds that can be a little too salty too. Both Joe’s and Flipz is perfectly balanced, and truly that’s what you want. I could eat an entire bag in one sitting if I really wanted to. In fact, that may have happened once or twice in my lifetime. Perhaps even recently! Let’s all pray this one goes away soon so I can keep my eating habits in check.


That’s all I’ve got for y’all today. Nothing extremely new or exciting, unfortunately. But nonetheless there’s always that one snack you can’t walk away from. For me, it’s a little bit of chocolate, a little bit of cookie, some fish here and there, and a whole lot of yum. When it comes to food obsessions, let’s just agree that the yum is all that matters anyways!

My Food Obsessions [vol. 2] // Serve With Rice