My Food Obsessions [Vol. 1]

Food obsessions: we all get them, right? Some call them cravings, others addictions. But I see them all as different things. To me, a craving is something you want in the moment, something that disappears after you have it once. An addiction is something you can’t stop yourself from having–that’s a little closer to what I’m getting at. But an obsession…my food obsessions are kind of a combination of both. They start off as a craving that develops into a crazy binged out addiction, but only briefly. It’s like a craving that lasts for days or even weeks at a time.

I get obsessed with a certain kind of food. So much so that it doesn’t go away after one serving or even two! I just need it over and over again. Eventually I get tired of it and move on to my next obsessions. I don’t know what it is that makes me so crazy over the stuff. Regardless, I decided it was time I shared some of my food obsessions with you all. You know…before I get over them and move on to the next thing. Here we go!


1. Indiana’s Black & White Drizzlecorn

My Food Obsessions [Vol. 1] // Serve With Rice

My family recently became members of BJ’s Wholesale Warehouse where I found our first food obsession. I was perusing through the aisles when a stack of these large red bags caught my eye. In huge bold letters were the words “BLACK AND WHITE” with “drizzlecorn” smaller underneath. Pictured on the bag was popcorn with black and white drizzle–go figure right.  “Is it chocolate drizzle on popcorn?” I said to my  mom. Neither of us knew, but we decided to try it anyway. I think you can figure out what happened next. Fun fact: This popcorn is actually made in Popcorn, Indiana, a small-town farm community just outside Indianapolis!

If you’re the kind of person who likes to eat chocolate with their popcorn when you watch movies, this sweet treat is for you. It’s actually not just popcorn–it’s kettlecorn with a dark chocolate and white chocolate drizzle. That may sound like it would overwhelm your sweet tooth, but it really doesn’t. Popcorn is naturally salty and slightly buttery, which comes through nicely here. And since it uses a dark chocolate drizzle it isn’t that sweet. Dark chocolate is actually richer and slightly more bitter than milk chocolate. This kettlecorn gives you just enough salty and sweet. It’s also non-GMO, gluten free and relatively low in calories (for a snack). But be careful! It’s so addicting that you might just find yourself halfway through the bag…not that that’s ever happened to me.


2. Thomas Plain Bagel Thins

My Food Obsessions [Vol. 1] // Serve With Rice

I recently tried thin bagels during my trip to Austin, TX to visit my brother and sister-in-law. I’m not actually sure why they got thin bagels, but I’m sure glad they did! (Actually, I’m guessing it’s because they’re pretty healthy people and bagels, while delicious, are not always the best for you.) Up until that point, I’d only ever had regular bagels and I wasn’t really a fan. I’m not one of those people who die over bread. I like bread in certain occasions–sandwiches, with my pasta or soups, etc. But when I think of the magnanimous amounts of food you could have for breakfast, bagels were never really my first choice. Until now.

Here’s what I love about thin bagels in particular: they’re thin (shocking, right?). Often bagels can be too bready, too thick and just generally too much. But thin bagels are the size of one half of a regular-sized bagel. I can eat both sides smushed together with no problem, which is perfect since I usually only ever want to eat just half a bagel.

Plus of all the breakfast breads you could have, by far my favorite is an English muffin. Why? Because, yes you guessed it, they’re pretty thin and therefore, not too bready. A thin bagel is basically an English muffin with a hole in the middle and cut in half. That may not sound awesome to you, but it’s been life-changing for me. As soon as I got home from Texas I bought myself two bags–YES, TWO–of Thomas plain thin bagels and some cream cheese. Now every morning is life-changing, which really is how you should start your day.


3. Kemp’s Low Fat Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

My Food Obsessions [Vol. 1] // Serve With Rice

This obsession actually lasted a bit longer than some other ones. Occasionally, I also end up returning to past obsessions–this is one of those times. I found this delicious creamy treat after my gallbladder removal surgery. At the time I wasn’t allowed to have any kind of dairy product, including ice cream which is one of my all-time favorites ever. But I was allowed to have low fat and fat free frozen yogurt made with skim milk. Enter Kemp’s Chocolate Frozen Yogurt.

I found it at my local Giant grocery store. I figured there was nothing to lose if I didn’t like it. But turns out, I love it. (Hence: food obsession, amirite?) I’ve tried other frozen yogurts that tasted nothing resembling ice cream, especially low fat ones. But this dream-come-true treat was almost exactly ice cream. Now that I can’t really have dairy anymore–#postsurgeryproblems–I eat Kemp’s whenever the urge strikes. Bonus: it’s about as healthy as ice cream/froyo can get since it’s low fat. Added bonus: it comes with a rich, cool chocolate flavor and creamy, refreshing texture. Just in time for the hot summer weather!


There ya have it! Like I said, my obsessions cycle so this batch may end soon or it may go on for a bit longer. Only my stomach and cravings know for sure. The good news for y’all is that as soon as I do get some new obsessions you’ll get a fresh post. Until then, I’ve got some food to eat.

What food are you obsessing about lately? Anything you think I should try? 

My Food Obsessions [Vol. 1] // Serve With Rice