Healthy Chicken Burger // Serve With Rice

Healthy Chicken Burger

It seems weird to see the words healthy and burger in the same title, no? Perhaps it even seems odd to see the words chicken burger in the title. But there’s a reason for all things. First, per my 2018 goals, I am trying to eat a little leaner and cleaner. Second, one of the biggest reasons I have trouble doing this is because I end…

Mango Walnut Salad w/ Chicken // Serve With Rice

Mango Walnut Salad with Chicken

I finally have some new (read: 2018) content for you! Thanks for bearing with me as I closed out my content for 2017. Before I get to this mango-licious dish, let me just bring you back for a second to my blog goals for 2018. One of my biggest goals was to eat a more balanced meal. So moving forward, there will…

Waco: A Day Trip [part 2] // Serve With Rice

Waco: A Day Trip [part 2]

Happy Throwback Thursday! I promise one day—very soon—I will post recipes that I made during this year. Anyways, back to 2017 we go—again, briefly. Not too long ago, I wrote about how my parents and I took a day-trip to the Silos in Waco, TX. Well, even more recently my best friend came to Austin for a visit. First on…